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International Community Health Services and Community Health Center, Inc Nurse Practitioner Residency Programs Accredited

For immediate distribution: January 19, 2017

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The National Nurse Practitioner Residency and Fellowship Consortium (NNPRFTC) is pleased to announce the accreditation of two postgraduate nurse practitioner training programs:  the International Community Health Services (ICHS) program headquartered in Seattle, Wash., and the Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC), headquartered in Middletown, Conn.  Both programs have been awarded programmatic accreditation for the full 3-year period.  Their current trainees will be considered to have completed accredited programs. 

News Updates --Summer 2016

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There has been lots of activity over the past few months.  It was possible because of the contributions of inspired, dedicated, amazing and collegial member volunteers. The Consortium's successes are directly attributable to your invaluable gifts of time and effort.  Heartfelt thanks to each of you!

So, what have we been up to? We’ve created and rolled out our logo, built out the site visitor process, increased the functionality of our website and our presence in social media, established a national Membership Committee, and established a national presence as an accrediting organization.

Accrediting the NP Postgraduate Training Program in Year One

Support for New Program Directors

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Over the past several weeks I’ve had a series of very interesting conversations with colleagues who are in the midst of establishing new NP postgraduate residencies. It's a lot to process and manage.  Which leads me to my next thought.  The Consortium has a new accreditation process, Provisional Accreditation, for programs that have completed the planning phase, have admitted their first class, but have yet to graduate a cohort of trainees.  It is explicitly designed to provide support and guidance to program leaders as they work their way through that up-hill climb that is year-1 of implementation. 

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