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Accreditation Process

The NNPRFTC seeks to make the accreditation process as clear and streamlined as possible. Prior to applying, we advise becoming familiar with the process. A flow diagram and the Accreditation Fact Sheet are provided as overviews of the process. In this section specific menu items on the left provide more detailed information and guidance on every step of the process.  

Application: Applying for accreditation is a two-step process. The first step is to complete and submit the “Notice of Intent to Apply” form located under the "APPLY" tab in the upper right-hand corner of the website's home page. This opens your accreditation application file. Our staff will walk you through the process. Click here to begin the "Notice of Intent to Apply" process.  The second step is to submit the formal application. Within one month of submitting the Notice of Intent to Apply, the formal application must be submitted along with the application fee of $1,000.00. The application form is also located under the "APPLY" tab in the upper right-hand corner of the home page. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions at accreditation@nppostgradtraining.com.

Self Study: Once you have decided to apply, we have several tools to assist in the self study process.  The self study is the internal review of your program, focusing on its adherence to the Accreditation Standards. The Self Study Guide provides step-by-step directions on the process and can be accessed below.  To assist your program in determining its adherence to the Accreditation Standards, we also provide a template for a gap analysis that is based on the Accreditation Standards. The NNPRFTC offers technical support and guidance throughout the self study process. The findings of the internal review are documented in the Self Study Report.  The Self Study Report is submitted to the NNPRFTC.

Site visit: Following your program's submission of its Self Study Report, a 1.5 day on-site visit is conducted.  In preparation for the site, visit the NNPRFTC provides various worksheets and document templates to facilitate the collaborative development of the site visit agenda. Further information about the site visit is included under two menu tabs to the left: Timeline & Process and Policies & Procedures.

Decision: Following the site visit, the site visitors submit their findings to the NNPRFTC Accreditation Committee for consideration.  The Accreditation Committee reviews all relevant documentation, including public commentary, and then makes a recommendation regarding accreditation action to the Board of Directors. The Board's final decision is rendered within 45 working days of the last day of the site visit.  Decisions are posted on the ACCREDITATION STATUS tab in the upper right-hand corner of the website's home page.  Additional details about the process are provided under the Policies and Procedures menu tab to the left.


  • Determine if our program is eligible for NNPRFTC accreditation (minimum of 12-months of clinically intensive training).
  • If yes, download and review the Accreditation Fact Sheet and Standards and ask: are we ready?
  • If yes, submit Notice of Intent to Apply via the website so that we can begin to support you in the process.
  • Download and review the Self Study Guide and ask: are we ready?
  • If yes, download and submit the application form, along with $1,000 fee.
  • Date identified in collaboration with NNPRFTC for on site visit, approximately 7.5 months from date of application submission.
  • Schedule calls with NNPRFTC office to monitor progress towards completion of self study.
  • When all documentation completed, submit Self Study Report to the NNPRFTC.
  • Full accreditation fee of $10,000 must be paid in full prior to site visit.
  • Schedule post accreditation conference call to review accreditation decision.
  • Continue forward with annual self-assessment and preparation for next accreditation cycle.

Self Study Guide

Important: once you review the Accreditation Fact Sheet and the Accreditation Standards, you will want to assemble your team to review the Self Study Guide

The Self Study Guide has three purposes, to: 1) describe your program; 2) document your findings regarding the degree to which your program is likely to meet the Accreditation Standards: and 3) guide the format of your Self Study Report and accompanying documentation.  In essence the self study is an internal review or evaluation of the program.  It is the preparation for the external review that occurs with the on-site visit.  The final step in the programmatic self study process is to write up the findings and submit them to the NNPRFTC.  Please contact the NNPRFTC for technical support and guidance on the self study process.

If any questions arise, we invite you to contact us directly at accreditation@nppostgradtraining.com

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