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More Musings on Accreditation

Purple Martins and Accreditation

Returning to the nature theme – our purple martins have returned.

Last year was the first time that we had a purple martin house.  I’d read that they are rather finicky about how high the house is, the color, the size, if there are other species of birds etc.  My approach is: Do as much research as possible.  Take into account every possible factor.  Try to accommodate all factors.  Make the deadline.  My husband’s approach is: Really? They’re just birds. If they need a place to nest, they’ll come.  If they don’t they won’t.

So during the winter we had many conversations and a plan evolved.  We bought a simple purple martin house.  Erected a very, very tall pole.  Installed the house just before the purple martins’ advance scouts were supposed to be flying overhead (clearly my husband was accommodating me on that one.)  And waited… Amazingly, the purple martins came.  And they stayed.  And this year they and their progeny returned!  We met their standards for good housing, good food and a safe environment.

It is like starting a new organization.  Someone has a good idea.  They convince others to join.  A critical mass is established and serious planning begins.  There is give and take.  Consensus occurs.  The mission, vision and goals are created.  Additional supporters are recruited and financial underwriting is secured.  The infrastructure is established.  Procedures and policies are developed.  The organization opens its doors for business.  In the beginning there is a bit of tweaking to make sure that everything is in alignment and working in an optimal manner.  There is on-going quality improvement to make sure that the organization remains at the top of their game and a leader in the field.

NNPRFTC is a new organization.  Our first anniversary is a couple of months away.  Already, we have nationally well regarded NP postgraduate training programs in the accreditation review process.  More are on the way.  We are establishing a reliable and valid process for accreditation site visits.  We’ve just established the provisional accreditation review process.  We will be rolling out our new logo and seal by the end of the summer.  Our presence is being recognized as meaningful and relevant.  We are planning for year two.  Double checking that we are remaining true to our mission and that our Standards and infrastructure bear scrutiny.  We have plans to systematically expand our services.

Our goal is to be a model of best practices in accreditation; to be nimble and agile as we respond to the needs of our constituencies; and to remember that, as Walt Disney said: “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”

Until next time,