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Giving thanks

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving — safe travels, good food, good conversation, and good times!

Giving heartfelt thanks for your commitment to the Consortium and for believing in our mission:  supporting excellence and rigor in high performance NP postgraduate training; promoting an expert healthcare workforce that is prepared to meet the needs of patients and society as a whole.

Nurse Practitioners make a difference every day.  As compassionate and skilled practitioners, NPs meet the immediate needs of their patients.  As inspired and pragmatic inter-professional leaders, NPs work to ensure that quality healthcare is available to all.  As visionaries and Innovators, NPs shape the future of healthcare.

Thank you for your gifts of time, insight, wisdom, and humor.

I hope that you enjoy this brief YouTube video of Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving with George Winston on piano (Click on the “skip ad” to get to the video).

Happy Thanksgiving!