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New Consortium Benefit — Sharing and Advancing Research

NP Preparedness Survey -- Invitation and Link to E-mail to Others

The Consortium is rolling out a new membership benefit — offering our members the capability of “sharing and advancing research” (to use a phrase coined by Research Gate, a wonderful source of scientific knowledge and platform for research collaboration.)  A core mission for the Consortium is creating and disseminating knowledge about topics, ideas, and issues that are important to the NP postgraduate community.  A current listing of research and publications is available on our website.  We are expanding on that resource by providing a mechanism for members to reach out to each other regarding research.

We will consider posting proposals from our members, focusing on research that is relevant and consistent with our organizational mission and vision. The Consortium’s role is limited to providing initial communication about opportunities that have already received local IRB approval, and have then been reviewed and approved according to the Consortium’s policies and procedures. (The Consortium will provide no financial, administrative, data management, nor any other kind of support for these research projects.)

The first proposal to be shared is authored by Ann Marie Hart, PhD, FNP-BC, FAANP (Professor and DNP Program Director, U. of Wyoming), Anne Bowen, PhD, (Professor, U. Arizona and Emeritus professor, U. Wyoming), and Elizabeth Dolbeck, honors student, U. Arizona.  They are conducting a research project on nurse practitioner preparedness for clinical practice and about participation in NP residencies and fellowships.

Below is the cover letter from Ann Marie et al:

“As you know, NPs provide a significant amount of health care in the U.S. Numerous studies indicate that NP-delivered care results in patient outcomes comparable to physician-directed care, often with higher patient satisfaction. Despite NPs’ successful track record, little is known about new NPs’ preparedness for practice preparedness for clinical practice. Learning about NPs’ preparedness for practice should ultimately help improve NP education and practice. Thus, the purpose of this study is to evaluate new NPs’ perceptions of their preparedness for practice. This survey is designed for NPs who complete their initial NP educational program between 2012 and 2016, who are currently licensed to practice as an NP in the U.S., who are certified in only one population focus area, and who have practice experience as an NP in the U.S.  In addition to preparedness, the survey asks about current or previous participation and interest in NP residencies and fellowships.

The Survey should take less than 20 minutes to complete. There are no direct benefits for participating in the survey; however, it is expected that the overall survey results will be published and may inform future advances in NP education. Risks from participating in this survey are minimal, primarily feeling frustrated by some elements of the survey. No identifying information will be collected in the survey, and participants are free to stop taking the survey at any time. For questions related to the survey, you may email or call me directly at [email protected] or (307) 766- 6564. If you have any questions related to rights as a research participant, please contact the University of Wyoming’s Research Office at (307) 766-5353.

If you wish to participate in this study, please find the survey at this link: https://uarizona.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_01h3gLP6URrOFa5 .  I would also appreciate your help in distributing this invitation and link to others (e.g., recent NP graduates, recent NP residents or fellows) who might be eligible to participate in this survey.

Thank you for your help!

Ann Marie Hart, PhD, FNP-BC, FAANP, Professor and DNP Program Director, U. of Wyoming;

Anne Bowen, PhD, Professor, U. Arizona; Emeritus professor, U. Wyoming; and

Elizabeth Dolbeck, Honors student, U. Arizona”