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April 2019 — News Updates

Consortium News Updates: April 2019

Another Program Accredited: Highland Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner Residency. Well-deserved congratulations to Highland Family Medicine’s (HFM) Nurse Practitioner Residency Program (NPRP) on their initial 3-year, programmatic accreditation. Kristin Smith, DNP, FNP-c, AAHIVS is the Program Director of the NPRP, headquartered in Rochester, NY. The current trainees will be considered to have completed an accredited program.

Accreditation Committee now the Accreditation Commission:  As part of our preparation to submit NNPRFTC’s petition for recognition to the US Department of Education, our accreditation process and policies and procedures have been undergoing careful review and occasionally, revision. One structural change that the Board of Directors recently approved was to transition the Accreditation Committee into an autonomous division of NNPRFTC called the Accreditation Commission.  Doquyen Huynh, DNP, FNP-c is continuing in her role as Chairperson of the Commission. The Commission functions independently regarding all accreditation activities and decisions.

As mentioned above, we have been updating and revising our policies and procedures.  Within the next moth we will be posting the new appeal policy and the new “substantive change” policy.  Check the policies and procedures section of the website frequently for updates and we’ll let you know when the updates are available.

We are pleased to announce that we intend to submit our petition for recognition by USDE on July 1, 2019.  We expect to have the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) hearing in late February 2020. A decision on our recognition is likely in June 2020 and we eagerly await the outcome of the USDE decision!

2019 Annual Conference: We hope you are registered—or will do so soon—for the 2nd annual (2019) Consortium Annual Conference, June 16-17, 2019, in Indianapolis. Our agenda is in place, packed with timely content, national perspectives, and lots of opportunities to network.  The conference venue is the Alexander Hotel, a charming boutique hotel in downtown Indianapolis with original artwork in every space and delicious food (based on two in person, onsite visits).  We have increased the room block to accommodate the number of requests.  Our apologies if you experienced difficulty booking room! We have resolved some technical issues. To book your room for June 15-17, you can reserve your rooms online or call the hotel now to access to the Consortium room block.  Only if you are planning to book a room for any days other than June 15-17, it is essential that you contact the hotel directly for assistance with your reservation. Please call Dara Goudreau at 317-624-8276 or [email protected].  Call before May 20th to make sure you can get a room at our special rate – and just in case you haven’t registered yet, here’s the website to register for the conference!  Check the website often for the latest updates.

Membership Program: Join now to support the Consortium, share best practices, network and get a prorated membership for 2019, plus save $25 registration for the 2019 Annual Conference. Full price annual membership renewal for 2019-2020 begins July 1. 

NPPRFTC Executive Director Search: By now, most of you have heard my “big news”.  With equal parts sadness and joy, I have announced my retirement, effective at the end of the August.  Serving as the inaugural Executive Director of the National Nurse Practitioner Residency and Fellowship Training Consortium (NNPRFTC) has been a truly rewarding and inspiring experience.  Working with exceptionally talented, thoughtful, dedicated, and generous colleagues is such a gift.

NNPRFTC has accomplished a lot since it was incorporated as a 501c(3) nonprofit in 2015. As we move from a start-up organization into the established innovator phase, it is time to turn over the leadership of the Consortium to the next generation.  The search for the next Executive Director is open; click here for the job description.  Please feel free to pass it on to anyone whom might be interested.

April Blog: Reflections on the importance of modeling effective stress management: “Feeling Stressed? Control What You Can and Move On”.  In our multiple roles as leaders, mentors, preceptors, faculty, and providers, we provide a model for others on how to manage stress. Being mindful of our own stressors and how we react to stress, and being aware of warning signs that we are anxious, is essential for good mental and professional health.

Research and PublicationsNew posting: Do send in your publications and others that you find to be valuable.  The latest addition: Hicks, K., Rico, J., & Beauchesne, M. (2018). Core curriculum and competencies: A multi-site analysis of postgraduate training programs for primary care nurse practitioners. Journal of Professional Nursing; DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.profnurs.2017.12.012

Warmest regards,


Candice S. Rettie, PhD

Executive Director

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