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Cultivating a Community

The Consortium as an Enduring Landscape

Candice Rettie, PhD 0 205

Even before starting as the Consortium's first Executive Director in November 2015, I was excited about helping to create this start-up, this disruptive innovator of an accreditation agency!  Our mission was two-fold: To develop a rigorous, transportable and scalable model for a 12-month postgraduate training program for nurse practitioners; To partner the model with a carefully crafted accreditation process, designed by experts in NP postgraduate training, that would give the public and the profession confidence in the relevance, quality and integrity of the training. We tended this small, emerging landscape of postgraduate training.  We worked day in and day out, season by season, weathering storms and drought, believing in the importance and transformative power of passion, excellence and quality.