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April 2019 -- News Updates

Lots of News

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More about the April News update below.  But first, a quick aside – a personal lesson about cyber security.  Yesterday I completed a training course on phishing and today I had two phishing attempts (first in many months) which I did not recognize as phishing.  Luckily I didn’t click on anything and asked our IT security about how to retrieve my supposedly sequestered emails.  Turns out it was a malicious email that contained every single element that should have made me suspicious, but I missed all of them.  Here’s what I missed --

  1. It required an urgent response or I would lose 4 important emails that had been quarantined (plays on emotions and sense of urgency);
  2. I opened the message on a small screen so I missed the funky url that contained numbers and ended in web.de (from Germany) and the weird symbols used to replace numbers and letters (that I couldn’t distinguish on the small screen);
  3. At the top was a note saying it was from a trusted sender (not…);
  4. And at the bottom a tag line saying it was from Microsoft IT admin (which I learned doesn’t exist.)

So if you get something like this – be forewarned, it is phishing! Lesson learned.

Moving onto Consortium news.  We’ve had lots going on. The April 2019 Newsletter has updates about:

  • Another residency program approved: Highland Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner Residency in Rochester NY– Congratulations!
  • Accreditation Committee is now the Accreditation Commission and other US Dept of Education related news.
  • Annual Conference updates. Join us in Indianapolis, June 16-17.  If you haven’t registered, do! Read about important hotel registration contact info and updates.
  • Membership program – join now and get $25 off conference registration.
  • NNPRFTC Executive Director Search – you may have heard, I’m retiring at the end of the summer.  While I’m simultaneously sad and joyful, right now I’m focusing on ensuring a smooth and transparent transition. We need to identify the next ED. Check out the job description.  Help us find the person who will lead the Consortium into its next phase of development.
  • April Blog: “Feeling Stressed? Control What You Can and Move On”.  Sharing my thoughts about how important it is to model effective stress management techniques in our professional and personal lives. 

Dues-Based Membership Program Open Enrolllment

Platform for Our Growing Professional Community

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Join our professional community. Support excellence and rigor in NP postgrad training. Meet and interact with like-minded individuals through special interest discussion platforms on topics such as: program directors, accreditation, faculty development, research. Share forms, protocols, documents etc. by contributing to the topical toolboxes. Have your postgrad training program posted on the upcoming "Find A Program" page. Be a recognized member of this growing community!