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Nothing changes without commitment

Every innovation has an inspiration and a mission. This Consortium was inspired by recognition of the complex medical, behavioral, social and environmental challenges faced by patients, and by their primary care providers, particularly in the setting of the nation’s safety net, but also in acute care and specialist settings across the country. The Consortium exists fundamentally to support efforts bridge the gap between graduation from the finest academic programs and full practice as an NP.

We welcome your participation in this grand and bold initiative. In a few short years, we have collectively changed the landscape of opportunities, for those who seek them, to experience a formal, structured, intensive and high quality postgraduate training experience.

Whether you were one of the pioneering cohorts who entered the first program at CHCI in CT in 2007, are one of the Fellows in a specialty program in North Carolina, or are a NP student thinking about the kind of practice you wish to pursue post-graduation, we applaud you.  Whether you are a seasoned clinician, administrator, or policy maker who understands the necessity and value of NPs having the option of postgraduate training, we welcome you and need your support for the critical next steps:

  • Growth and expansion of programs, so that all NPs who seek such a program can find an opportunity to participate in one

  • Continued research and focus on outcomes and best practices and development of the model

  • Securing a sustainable funding stream

We are building a community of conscience and competence, capable of making an enormous difference in the delivery of primary care and specialty care in the United States. Our communities and patients deserve the expert, committed, compassionate care which is the fundamental provenance of nursing and the independence and advanced practice that is the hallmark of the NP profession.


Where will the funding to support nurse practitioner residency and fellowship programs come from?

In 2009, the leadership of CHCI was successful in developing legislation that became Section 5316 of the Affordable Care Act, however funding was never appropriated. Efforts continue to secure federal funding through various legislative means. While many programs have been successful in securing grant and philanthropic funding, the reality is that those programs that have initiated and sustained programs have done so largely as an investment, with an anticipated return on that investment through the development of expert NPs for their organizations and systems.

Advocacy, like health care, is always local and we encourage all stakeholders to take every opportunity to educate and advocate for postgraduate training opportunities for NPs. The next generation deserves our efforts in this arena.