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National Network

The NNPRFTC is inclusive of all individuals and organizations that are committed to the cause of advancing postgraduate training for NPs. It's a growing network of healthcare organizations, united by shared standards.

To date, membership in the Consortium has been secured simply by agreeing to be identified as a member of the Consortium. At present, all that is required for membership is your willingness, as an individual or organization, to be listed as a member of the NNPRFTC and advocate for postgraduate training for NPs. We look forward to developing a platform of benefits in support of postgraduate training for NPs.

We look forward to developing our services, support, and benefits for members in a more formal way as our work advances. The NNPRFTC sponsors quarterly meetings by videoconference, which all members are invited to attend. For more information or if you are interested in being recognized as a member of the Consortium, please contact us at membership@nppostgradtraining.com

As our Consortium map shows, our members come from all over the country, from areas both rural and urban and from institutions large and small representing a wide range of organizations and interests.  Click here to view the Consortium map.