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Institutional Commitment/Resources

For organizations contemplating the launch of a postgraduate NP residency or fellowship training program, we encourage you to reach out to the NNPRFTC for support in determining the kind of resources appropriate to the program envisioned by the organization. The experience of leaders in this field is that these programs require “top to bottom” support, from executive and clinical leadership right through the practice setting sites in order to be successful. Human capital, in the form of program leaders, preceptors, lecturers, and evaluators are required, along with physical resources of space, technology and materials. Funding, of course, is a serious consideration. Executive leaders in many programs can speak to the “ROI” (return on investment) associated with these programs. The NNPRFTC staff is happy to speak with organizations contemplating a program and will connect you to individuals willing to speak with other organizations on this subject.

The NNPRFTC also encourages groups to consider participating in the HRSA-funded National Cooperative Agreement on Clinical Workforce Development, which provides extensive technical support through webinars and learning collaboratives.  For more information, please visit www.chc1.com/nca

The spread of Nurse Practitioner Postgraduate Residency/Fellowship training programs

Nurse Practitioner residency and fellowship postgraduate training programs in primary care and specialty care exist across the United States. They are sponsored by FQHCs and other community health centers, major hospital and health systems, and the Veterans Affairs (VA).  For a map and partial listing of family, adult/gerontology, PMHNP programs across the US, click here. For a listing of NNPRFTC accredited programs, click here.

Reviewed 2/05/19