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The NNPRFTC accreditation standards and self study guide have been developed by a group of NP experts in postgraduate training, informed by standards from other healthcare disciplines, and refined by experts in the theory and principles of adult education and learning. NP postgraduate training program directors were core authors of the accreditation standards. These are accreditation standards designed by NP postgraduate program directors for NP postgraduate program directors. 

Why should a program pursue accreditation?

Earning accreditation provides your program and organization, your perspective applicants, your graduates, and your peers with an objective recognition of excellence and rigor in meeting the vision and objectives of your residency or fellowship programs. Accreditation is also a requirement for many funding entities, both public and private.  Although federal funding is not widely available for postgraduate NP training programs, we anticipate a future in which this becomes a reality.  Preparing for and securing accreditation will position programs for future potential success in this area.  Securing accreditation also recognizes the enormous investment that each organization makes in providing the resources, leadership, and support for the program.

The Accreditation Program Self-Assessment  is a tool used to assist in accreditation preparation and the program self-study process.

Click here to download the Accreditation Fact Sheet.